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The Radio Control Inflatable Minion from Bladez Toyz is at the top of everyone’s Christmas wish list!
Standing at over 60cm tall, this official Despicable Me toy brings your favorite character to life, and can be deflated to a neat, compact size!
Not only does he feature hilarious catchphrases and infectious laughter, Dave can also be driven indoors or outdoors with his easy to use handset.
Drive your minion forward, backward, left and right; You can even make him dizzy with impressive 360° spins!
The inflatable shell itself is made of tough stuff, and can even withstand being driven down stairs or over the edge of a table… He’ll bounce back!
The Jumbo Inflatable Minion has 9 built in sound effects, but don’t worry parents … the sounds have an “off” switch!
RRP £39.99

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